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@brodriguesco its not SEO per se, but along those lines... basically it blocks the ads to the user but "clicks" on all of them so that your profile is messed up...

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If you:

— wrote ACAB on a lamp post

— burned a pigs' car

— impersonated a waste water engineer to be bribed to NOT to put a sewer dump below his terrace

— cracked the NSA server¹ and deleted some yottabytes of data


To brag is a bad thing², and we love you anyway :blobheart:




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Not if you're sensitive 

On the news just now. Monkey Pox will now be known as MPox because Monkey Pox is racist. (scratches head)

#news #monkeypox

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apparently there was a whatsapp data breach, consisting of...

phone numbers

wow that's not useful at all
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There need to be more rules for subscription apps and services.

1. If a user never uses the app, or service for two months subscriptions should have to auto-cancel.
2. Canceling must be as easy or easier than subscribing.
3. Apps that cannot justify ongoing costs must not use this model. This means significant upgrades or offsite data processing.

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Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

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So apparently non si possono piú comprare buoni con . RIP. Forse troppa gente li utilizzava? 🥶

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